About ECHA

The European Council for High Ability (ECHA) aims to advance the study and development of potential excellence in people.

The major goal of ECHA is to act as a communications network to promote the exchange of information among people interested in high ability – educators, researchers, psychologists, parents and the highly able themselves.

Mission Statement

The European Council for High Ability (ECHA) is a European Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that aims to advance the study and development of potential for excellence in people. ECHA aims to promote research, development and education in the field of high ability, in order to contribute to the optimal development and wellbeing of children, adolescents and adults with high ability. Using a scientific approach, ECHA supports the professionalization of the educational field and assistance for children and (young) adults with high ability.

ECHA achieves these aims by means of scientific research into high ability. The research focuses on the behavior and learning of individuals with high ability, at home and at school/work. 

ECHA’s members are scholars and professionals in the field, studying and/or working in the field of high ability.

ECHA Membership Types

There are currently three ECHA membership levels:

Individual (Full) membership, 60 EUR/year.

Student membership, 30 EUR/year

Corporate membership, 130 EUR/year

You can pay your membership fee through PayPal, Card Payment, or online Bank Transfer.

All members receive:
⮚ a free hard copy of two issues of High Ability Studies
(http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/chas20) mailed to your address – note that this is not included in student membership, but can be obtained for students by paying a nominal fee of 27 EUR;
⮚ a free copy of the Spring and Autumn issues of ECHA News sent your email address as a pdf file + the occasional special issues;
⮚ regular news on gifted education emailed directly to you;
⮚ access to the intranet site of ECHA containing documents (e.g. memos of meetings, reports, etc.) and other information for members only;
⮚ participation in the everyday life of ECHA etc;
⮚ last but not least a significant discount at the registration of the ECHA Conferences (Corporate Members receive TWO discounts)

You can register for ECHA here.