Dr. Hava Vidergor

Dr. Hava Vidergor, PhD is a senior lecturer of curriculum and instruction in the Graduate School at Gordon Academic College of Education, Haifa, Israel. She received an M.A. in educational leadership with distinction from University of Alabama at Birmingham, and a PhD in Learning Instruction and Teacher Education from Haifa University, Israel. Her research interests center on gifted and talented education, curriculum planning and design, and innovative teaching strategies. She has published numerous papers and presented widely in international conferences. She is the editor (with Carole R. Harris) of Applied Practice for Educators of Gifted and Able Learners, and of Innovative Teaching Strategies and Methods Promoting Lifelong Learning in Higher Education: From Theory to Practice (with Orly Sela), and the author of Enhancing the Gift of Leadership (with Dorothy Sisk). She designed a new graduate program called Innovation in Education promoting teacher entrepreneurship in applying new pedagogies and creating and investigating blended/hybrid learning environments. Her Multidimensional Curriculum Model (MdCM) presented in the book focusing on enhancing future thinking literacy in K-12 students is currently applied in numerous schools in Israel and internationally and was currently translated into Hebrew. E-mail havavi@gordon.ac.il

Dr. Shlomi Hanuka

Dr. Shlomi Hanuka, PhD, is a Research Associate (adj.) at the Department of Psychology, the University of Haifa, Israel. Shlomi received his M.A in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Haifa and a PhD in Education from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. His research interests include gifted and talented education, teaching and learning strategies, talent development, advanced curriculum, and special schools. Dr. Hanuka also serves as the Deputy Principal and Head of Teaching and Learning at UJEB (United Jewish Education Board), Australia, where he is focusing on teachers’ development, advanced curriculum design, and teaching and learning strategies. E-mail: Shlomi.hanuka@outlook.com.