TeachHAS Advisory Committee

Prof. Carmen Cretu   (Romania)  

Carmen M. Cretu is professor at University of Iasi, the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences and president of RO-Talent (Association of support for talented people), the first NGO for talented people in Romania, which is currently a Talent Point in Europe. She is board member of European Honors Council and also, board member of ECHA_SIG advisory committee. Her interest in talent education was consolidated after her doctoral fellowship at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, Netherlands in the early ‘90s and other postdoctoral stages in universities from US, UK, CH, ES and FR. Since 1991, she has introduced teaching undergraduate and master programs courses on talent education at her university. Besides she has supervised many Ph.D. theses on talent issues.  At University of Iasi she teaches courses on Psychology and Education for talented students and Education policies and management. She has long-time experience in international research-action networking. Her research projects are concerned with HE education policy, provisions for talented youth and adults, curriculum policies for talented people, but also, on innovative education tools. Since 15 years ago, Carmen is appointed as an independent expert at Research Dept. of European Commission in Brussels and also at the Romanian Ministry of Education. Carmen wrote many books and articles on gifted education and was involved as senior expert in several major programs of educational reforms and innovation in the field of HEI policies and management, teacher training and curriculum development.

Csilla Fuszek (Hungary)

Csilla Fuszek worked for 23 years in secondary and in higher education. From 2000 she has been specializing in the field of gifted and talented education. She worked for several years as a managing director of nationwide talent development programs designed for gifted students coming from disadvantaged background. She was a lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University from 2008 – 2016. Since 2009 she has been working for the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations on nationwide talent support projects. She is the founding director of the European Talent Centre- Budapest. She was elected as the coordinator of the European Talent Support Network three times. She organized 4 major European talent support conferences in 2006, 2011 and 2014 and in 2021.

Dr. Eva Vondrakova

Eva Vondráková is psychologist with long practice in state school counselling centers and schools. Private practice in Centrum Filip. Co-founder and president of the StaN (Association for Talent and Giftedness) – a member of ECHA, WCGTC and HELP. Author of project of the Centre for Development of Giftedness, founder and organizer of the Club of Parents and Teachers meetings, Club of clever and curious children, grant of program for GC in the Rosemarin Kindergarten; Co-author of the Mensa Gymnasium project, co-author of the chapter on GC Education in the White book, MSMT (Ministry of Education). Author of the Conception on Education of the Gifted (requested by MSMT). Author of many articles and chapters on GC education; teacher of future teachers. Eva is very active in international cooperation since 1990 year when she attended the 2nd ECHA conference in Budapest. ECHA National correspondent and the WCGTC Delegate for the Czech Republic. She was chair of the Local organizing committee of the 19th WCGTC conference, Prague 2011; a member of the Programme committee of the 14th ECHA conference Ljubljana 2014. Chairperson of the STaN international conference „Paradigm Shift in the Gifted Education“, Prague 2019. Mother and grandmother of gifted children. Her life motto is: „Never give up!“